Thursday, December 9, 2010


Greetings from the OED.  I am excited to begin this ENERGY FILE blog and talk about issues and ideas in energy as they matter to Indiana and you.   This blog will not be partisan nor will it take any direct policy stances.  It will not shy away from putting policy into perspective and letting you, the reader, work it out.  I also hope to lead readers to books, publications, or websites that may be helpful in expanding knowledge about energy issues.

It is not uncommon for me to speak to groups and figure out the for the most part energy is taken for granted.  People turn on their lights, start their cars, and heat their homes and expect that every time they do so they will get the prefect result of light, power, and heat.  That process works well in America and we are luckier than many other countries.  That process requires many tons of fuels, many people, and lots of capital to make energy do what we want it to do. 

What looms even larger is that our economy hums on energy.  In rough estimation the US is said to use 25% of the world’s total energy, but we make 33% of the goods the world uses.  That shows that we are fairly efficient in making things with our energy, but more than anything, we use a lot of energy.

That is the beginning to this blog-- the set up if you will.  Energy is necessary, energy is very important to the US.  Almost equal to healthcare and education, energy policy ideas and concepts fuel loud national debates.  So, I am looking forward to bringing to you the ideas, concerns, and the issues that are so important to the energy future of Indiana and our nation.

My best to you,
Brandon Seitz

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  1. Brandon,

    I just found your blog and in the near future will read your posts. It will be interesting to see what type of traffic you receive. For my part, I am a practicing engineer and a board member of the local non-profit "Energy Matters Community Coalition" in Columbus Indiana. We are very supportive of energy education measures such as this blog. Good luck with it; I know how much work it is to keep up with an endeavor like this.

    Sam Geckler
    Columbus, Indiana