Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your Wichita…I Mean Indiana…Lineman Is Still On The Line..

As a classic country fan I couldn’t resist using this cheesy Glen Campbell reference as title for this blog edition. In all seriousness though in this post I want to honor and thank those in the energy world that insure our lights stay on in the midst of wild weather, falling trees, car accidents, and any other happening that can turn off the power.

So, to the utility worker the linemen and equipment operators who are called at a moment’s notice to take care of our power outages no matter if it is Christmas Eve or the Fourth of July a big THANK YOU and appreciation for what you do. Today we throw the word hero around like it’s a wooden nickel and sometimes we don’t talk enough about those who 1. Just do their jobs, but 2. Do them well and make our lives better in doing them. The utility worker is just that type of job.

I remember as a youth that one of the first permanently disabled people I ever knew had been injured while working on the utility lines and there are always the unfortunate stories of death in the field. Certainly as time and technology have increased worker safety has improved, but we also must realize that these workers are working on lines and systems that have been in use for many decades and need constant maintenance.

So with this blog I ask the reader to go to your local utility, or find that family member or friend who works on the lines, or if you see a crew at lunch or on break, don’t be afraid to say “thank you” for working in less than ideal conditions at all hours on any day to keep our lights on, and our lives easier.

Here’s to you.

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