Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mixing Green and Brawn

I  had the pleasure and privilege of attending a portion of the Work Truck Show at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.  One part of the show is called the Green Truck Summit, which is dedicated to showing off the latest technologies in work trucks that employ more environmentally sound fueling practices.  Indiana fleets have long been leaders in implementing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), propane, and biofuels alternatives to regular petroleum fuels.  OED has long supported groups like Greater Indiana Clean Cities and South Shore Clean Cities which promote these technologies and have been great partners in spreading new uses of cleaner fuels.

Many people have attempted to make alternative fuels more relevant to the personal automobile market but limitations in fuels and their availability have held these advancements back in the personal auto.  However, large scale fuel users that fill up at dedicated fueling areas, like fleet vehicles have found a cost advantage in using alternatives like CNG and propane.  Even larger fleets are looking to go hybrid mixing electric and  fuel.  Groups in Indiana like Energy Systems Network are leading that charge.

These opportunities to use alternatives and gear them towards greater use through the proper technology applications is important.  It is not to say that these technologies will never make it in personal autos, but the fleets and trucks that fit the maximum use criteria for these fuels should continue to promote and endorse them.  Seeing some of our largest energy users commit to reducing fuel use and using greener technologies represents the mixing of green and brawn for a better world.

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