Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Understanding Electric Vehicles

Many of you are hearing a lot about electric vehicles and the role they may play as a future transportation alternative. The Indiana Office of Energy Development has been working with stakeholders throughout Indiana to promote alternative transportation technology, specifically electric vehicles.  Grant funds are being allotted to select stakeholders in order to help implement electric vehicle use through the purchase of battery storage, more advanced power grid technologies, and charging stations.

Grants are not the only means through which the state is pushing for greater electric vehicle use.  Indiana’s Project Plug-IN, coordinated by the Energy Systems Network, was created with the goal of getting more electric vehicles out on the road.  Employees from the State of Indiana and utility companies were able to test drive some of the vehicles in early September of 2010.  The drivers were able to offer suggestions as well as consider purchases both for company and individual use.

While still in the early stages, electric vehicle technology has come a long way and offers a possible alternative to traditional  means of transportation.  Electric vehicles are an exciting development in green technology, so learn more so you too can get a real understanding on all that electric vehicles have to offer.

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